1420 EMS-iD Marker Locator/Read/Write

3M™ Dynatel™ 1420 EMS-iD Marker Locators are microprocessor-based systems that incorporate advanced digital signal processing techniques to quickly and efficiently locate underground facilities - even years after construction or maintenance.
Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated, the 1420-iD/1420E-iD EMS Marker Locators allow you to accurately and easily:
• Locate, read and write to 3M RFiD markers
• Pinpoint the depth and location of all existing models pf properly installed underground passive EMS markers
• Conduct direct depth reading of markers
• Locate two different marker frequencies simultaneously
• Advanced features detect more information about underground utilities

A feature exclusive to the 1420-iD/1420E-iD Locators is the ability to read, write and lock programmed information into the 3M™ Electronic Marker System iD Ball Markers 1400 Series. Information such as a pre-programmed unique identification number, facility data, owner information, application type, placement date and other details from up to 100 markers can all be stored with date/time stamp and GPS coordinates, and transmitted back to your PC through a standard RS232 serial port for enhanced resource management.
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Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
1420EMS-iD Marker Locator with iD read/write
1420E EMS-iD Marker Locator with iD read/write (CE Approved Export Model)

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