Split DuctSplit Duct is the fast and easy way to repair broken ductwork without the costly cutting and resplicing of your conductors.

The unique tongue-and-groove design provides a strong, rigid solution for duct repair situations.
The interlocking design allows the split duct sections to be staggered and butted together. Joints may be sealed with tape and reinforced with plastic or metallic straps to produce a rigid, stable unit.
Manufactured from a compound designed specifically for power and telecommunications applications. Split Duct exhibits superior impact strength and ultraviolet resistance.

Available in 2” through 6” diameters, this product line also contains couplings and sweeps necessary to complete the system.

Recommended Installation Procedure
1. Place one 10-foot Split Duct section under cable.
2. In order to stagger joints, saw another section in half (about 5 feet long).
3. Place 5-foot section over cable and snap the two sections together.
4. Place strap about one foot from the end and another strap about a foot from the joint where the ends of the top sections will butt.
5. Place another 10-foot Split Duct section over the open half of the bottom section, butt the ends tightly together and snap the sections together.
6. Place a length of tape around both sections of the Split Duct to cover the butted joint.
7. Place a strap about one foot beyond the taped joint.
8. Lay another length of Split Duct underneath cable, butt together, tape the butted joint and strap one foot on each side of the joint.
9. Repeat procedure.

See Order Matrix to configure Part Numbers

Ordering Information

TypeDescriptionStd. Ctn. Qty.Std. Ctn. Wt. (lbs)O.D.
Schedule 402” Schedule 40 Split Duct 7005642.375
Schedule 402-1/2” Schedule 40 Split Duct460572 2.875
Schedule 403” Schedule 40 Split Duct5008573.500
Schedule 404” Schedule 40 Split Duct2907014.500
Schedule 405” Schedule 40 Split Duct2307515.563
Schedule 406” Schedule 40 Split Duct1305486.625
Schedule 802” Schedule 80 Split Duct7007492.375
Schedule 804” Schedule 80 Split Duct2909224.500
Schedule 403-1/2” Schedule 40 Split Duct 2905694.000
C Duct4” C Duct Split Duct3206144.350